Yua Mikami

Kito Momona (きとう ももな) was born on August 16, 1993, in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. He is 159cm tall, weighs 49kg, measures 84/59/88cm, and has an F cup. His hobbies are singing, dancing, and dating.

As an important figure in this issue, Yuya Mikami has been very popular since her debut, and her popularity remains undiminished today.

Let’s not talk nonsense, the following are 10 must-see masterpieces of Yua Mikami that I recommend to everyone.

10: SSNI – 432

This is Yua Mikami 2019 Movie. In this Movie, Yua Mikami plays the younger sister, the second female plays the older sister of Yua Mikami, and the male protagonist is the boyfriend of the second female. Simply put, it’s the story of Yua Mikami hooking up with her sister’s boyfriend.

9: SSNI – 127

In this Movie, Yua Mikami plays a girl who is cheated on by her boyfriend, and the male lead plays a photographer who cheats on Yua Mikami.

8: SSNI – 388

S (Sadism) means abusing others, and M (Masochism) means being abused. Yua Mikami’s movies are full of S attributes, quite like a big sister.

7:SIVR – 033

The best actress in S1, Yua Mikami and Arina Hashimoto teamed up, and it turned out to be a VR Movie! Generally speaking, there is no ordinary version of VR movies, and VR glasses are needed to achieve the best effect. There are not many VR Movies by Yua Mikami, and this is Yua Mikami’s best VR Movie.

6:SSNI – 344

Yua Mikami starred in the family series for the first time, interpreting the story with her father-in-law. Veteran drivers don’t like this kind of subject very much, and I don’t recommend everyone to pay attention to it, so I won’t introduce more, interested veteran drivers can learn by themselves!

5:TEK – 067

Yua Mikami’s first debut Movie is the beginning of Yua Mikami’s entry into the dark Movie. Kito Momona retired from the AKB idol group changed her name to Yua Mikami and entered the S1 film career. Expand here.

4:TEK – 097

Shoko Takahashi is the first sister of the MOODYZ movie, and she was born as a photo idol. Yua Mikami is also the first person, entertainer, and idol of the S1 movie. Both have glitzy backgrounds and are rivals in the dark Movie. This time the two co-starred, and the quality is naturally no problem.

3:SSNI – 409

After two years, S1 once again presented the Investigator series, starring S1’s signature actress Yua Mikami. S1 put a lot of effort into this Movie, with the goal of occupying the market for the Investigator series. This Movie was released in February 2019, and it is also Yua Mikami’s best work in 2019 so far.

2:SSNI – 378

This work is a commemorative Movie for the 15th anniversary of S1. The theme is Thanksgiving, which is a grand event held to thank S1 fans. Movie by S1 Yua Mikami, Arina Hashimoto, Angel Moe, Tsukasa Aoi, Shunka Ayami, Nene Yoshitaka, and Miharu Usa The seven goddesses from Sanchun) co-starring.

1:SNIS – 850

This Movie is four hours long and was released in February 2017. There are 31 cosplay clips in the whole film. Yua Mikami has played 31 different roles in total, which is the best collection of Yua Mikami’s Movies. In 2017, Yua Mikami had already established her status as a big sister in the Japanese underworld and was named “National Idol”. This Movie is also an exclusive Movie created by the S1 film producer for Yua Mikami.


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