Ash is the main character of the Pokémon anime series. The elf in his hand is naturally unique and extremely powerful. Let’s take a look at Ash’s top ten most powerful Pokémon.

10. Krabby

Dig holes in the sand to live and live. Claw crabs fighting for territory can be seen on the beach where there is little food. Even if the pincers are broken during the battle, they can grow back and restore their original shape. Ash’s Krabby is the seventh Pokémon that Ash tamed in the Kanto area. The evolved Krabby defeated Seadra and Golbat successively by himself. He didn’t make many appearances as a soy sauce Pokemon, but he won consecutively with his own power. Judging from the three battles, it is indeed the more powerful Pokemon among the Ash Pokemon!

9. Gliscor

It hangs its tail on a branch to observe the movement of its prey and attacks from the air at the right moment. Flying silently in the air, once the prey approaches, it will launch a fatal stab at the opponent’s vitals in an instant. After receiving special training with an old man in DP, his combat effectiveness and matching moves are considered good. Defeated Paul’s Drapion with Flame Fang and its burn effect

8. Heracross

Run directly under the enemy, hook the enemy with its mighty big horn, and throw it out, the power is so great that it can uproot a big tree. Ash encountered it in Heracross Forest, where it was eating sap from a tree. It was still in the tree when Pinsir attacked it, and Ash saved it. Later, after a series of events, he decided to follow Ash and helped Ash win many times!

7. Snorlax

Snorlax is a giant, bipedal dark blue-green Pokémon with a creamy yellow face, belly, and feet. The torso consists mainly of the abdomen where fat accumulates. It has a large head with two small pointed ears and two canines protruding from the upper jaw. Ash’s Snorlax is the second Pokémon captured in the Orange Islands. In the Smoke Gym, it defeated Clair’s Seadra with its super physical strength. In the battle arena, it defeated Greta’s Hariyama and Medicham, and it was powerful.

6. Sceptile

It has a big tail like Treecko, and like Grovyle, it also has a “Leaf Blade” that can be used as a weapon in its hand. The yellow sphere behind it can give nutrients to plants. The leaves on its body are as sharp as knives, and it can easily jump between the branches and attack the enemy directly above or from behind. Defeated Darkrai, is a very powerful Pokémon.

5. Krookodile

With a very impulsive personality, he is known as a Pokemon who likes to fight and make trouble. It is said that as long as it encounters it, it will attack directly no matter who the opponent is, and then beat the opponent so hard that it cannot get up. Ash’s Krookodile is the ninth Pokémon that Ash has tamed in the Hezhong area. In “Ash, Iris, Trip! In the final battle!”, in the battle with Iris, he was cornered by the powerful Dragonite, which evolved into Krookodile and defeated Iris’ Dragonite.

4. Pikachu

The only Pokémon that has never left the team from the beginning to the end. Although Pikachu has been officially cleared to zero every time it reaches a new area, it is definitely the most experienced in terms of experience. Stand up, dodge, persevere, etc., and often fight against various second-level gods and first-level gods without losing the wind, the upper limit is immeasurable! But it is also often defeated by the new generation of Pokémon! Not stable enough, it’s a headache.

3. Infernape

Its hands and feet are wrapped in flames, and it can use unique fighting skills, which can deal with any opponent no matter what. A fierce and unrestrained Pokemon with a burning flame on its head, and possesses very confident speed. Under the care of Ash, it overcame its inner fear and eventually evolved into Infernape. It is the Pokémon with full explosive power and the highest winning rate among Ash Pokémon!

2. Charizard

In the final evolution of Charmander, it is said that the powerful Flamethrower can even melt rocks. The flames on its tail burn fiercely, its eyes burst out with fighting spirit, and it spits out high-heat flames that can melt solid rocks. It is often known to unintentionally start forest fires. It can use its wings to fly a distance equivalent to 1,400 meters above ground. Charizard will show disdain for opponents weaker than itself, and it will only exert its full strength when it encounters strong opponents. After a series of battles, Charizard felt that he was still not strong enough, so he decided to exercise in the Charizard Valley. After coming out of the mountain, it not only increased in strength but also obeyed Ash’s words! One of Ash’s strongest Pokémon!

1. Greninja

The final evolution of Froakie, the early Pokémon of Carlos’ water system. If the bond is deep enough in the animation “Pokémon XY”, it can evolve into the unique Ash version of Greninja. It was Ash’s hole card in the Carlos area. Pokemon. Possessing extremely strong strength, the battle is very refreshing, and often defeats the enemy with gorgeous skills! Has potential comparable to legendary Pokemon.


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