Men are always very concerned about the strength of their sexual ability. Strong sexual ability, able to meet the needs of the beloved woman in sexual life; poor sexual ability, to bear all kinds of pressure, and even be said “no” by the other half. Maybe you have questions, how can a man test his sexual ability? What are some ways to improve performance? Below, we have compiled relevant information for you, let’s get to know it together!

male sexual performance test

1 . erectile ability

When you are interested in sex, the penis should be erected quickly or a little later, and once erected, you can have a satisfactory sexual life, which shows that sexual Functionality is no problem. If you sometimes get an erection and sometimes don’t, or if you get an erection that quickly weakens, or if you can’t get an erection for a long time, you should see a doctor check.

2 . sexual activity

If you initiate sex every time, or you can respond positively when your wife initiates, it means that your sexual function is normal. If the wife initiates it every time, otherwise you will not be interested in sex, or you will not be “tempted” under the induction of your wife, then there will be a big problem.

3 . own physical and psychological responses to sex

Knowing about sex life and men with normal sexual psychology, if they see young and beautiful women, they will imagine, and when they see their wives naked bodies, they can’t help but want to touch them. In the above cases, if you do not have any sexual imagination, it means that your sexual function has begun to become dull.

low sexual performance and decline

low sexual performance

1 . decreased libido The desire for asexual life, avoiding sexual life for various reasons, perfunctory

2 . Decreased sexual performance If the duration of sex life is reduced from 10 – 15 minutes to 3 – 5 minutes, you will feel tired and weak after sex

3 . diminished sexual pleasure Lack of sexual desire, sexual interest, and related sexual thoughts or fantasies

Causes of sexual decline

1 . age factor It is a natural law that the vast majority of men experience a decline in sexual function at the age of 50-60.

2 . physical factors The decline of sexual function in young people is a clinical manifestation of the disease, and the cause should be actively searched for.

3 . nutritional factors The lack of important elements such as protein and zinc can cause sexual dysfunction, especially for men.

4. drug factor Such as some stomach medicines, high blood pressure medicines, diabetes medicines, etc., can affect penis congestion and lead to decreased sexual function

5 . emotional factors When a person is in a state of extreme sadness, depression, despair, etc., his sexual desire will temporarily decrease, or even completely disappear.

enhance sexual performance

Daily Habits to Improve Sexual Performance

1 . yawn after waking up A substance called nitric oxide is produced when you yawn, and when it enters the brain, it delivers the necessary energy to the penis

2 . bedtime massage Massaging for 5 minutes before going to bed every day can promote the circulation of qi and blood, stimulate the testicles, improve circulation, and make men’s sexual performance “to a higher level”.

3 . get more sun If a man lacks close contact with the sun, his sperm activity will be greatly reduced, and his sexual function will also be weakened.

4 . tiptoe When standing on tiptoe, the muscles behind the calf will contract intensively, which will promote blood circulation, make the blood return of the lower limbs smoother, and allow the penis to get blood, thereby prolonging the erection time.

Male Reproductive Health Care Methods

1 . massage scrotum Massaging the scrotum directly with hands often can improve the blood circulation of the testicles. Massage can be done once a day for 2-3 minutes each time.

2 . stimulate the groin Use two fingers to press both sides of the base of the penis, stroke from top to bottom, stimulate the passage of blood flow to the testicles, massage once a day

3 . Do not masturbate frequently Frequent masturbation, resulting in physical weakness, mental atrophy, and insomnia, is a manifestation of excessive masturbation, which should be reduced and controlled.

4 . no tight jeans Too tight will cause excessive pressure on the testicles, resulting in obstacles to sperm production, and severe infertility.

Foods to Improve Performance

1 . seafood Eating a plate of small sea fish at noon every day can ensure the level of nucleic acid in the body and make the sperm more active.

2 . Salmon Salmon contains high protein, which can increase the hormones in the male body, make boys excited, and have a positive effect on sex life.

3 . ginseng The phytohormones in ginseng can increase the content of testosterone, increase the production of sperm, and increase the frequency of sexual life.

4 . animal organs Animal viscera contain a lot of sex hormones and adrenal cortex hormones, eating more can enhance the vitality of sperm.

5 . pawpaw It is rich in vitamin A and contains arginine, which is also found in Viagra, which improves the blood supply to the penis.

6 . donkey meat Donkey meat is not only delicious but also has many functions such as nourishing yin and strengthening yang. Eating more donkey meat can treat impotence and impotence.

performance-enhancing exercise

1 . squat It can effectively exercise the thigh muscles, promote the secretion of male hormones, and then achieve the purpose of improving male sexual function.

2 .running Being able to exercise the muscles of the thighs, so that men have thighs with good muscle elasticity, is of great benefit to sex.

3 . horse riding Horseback riding can make men’s leg muscles strong and hard, making men more brave and more powerful in sex.

4 . tennis Playing more tennis can improve the endocrine system, prompt the pituitary gland to secrete hormones, and improve libido and sexual satisfaction.

5 . swim Swimming can effectively prolong the erection time of men, and women who swim regularly are more likely to reach orgasm during sex

Frequently Asked Questions about Male Sexuality

Five Stages of Desire Changes in Men

Out of control period: before the age of 18 — Adolescent boys are always sleepless all night on many restless nights. He often fantasizes about a woman making out with him, and the question of who she is and whether she is beautiful or not is secondary because at this time the physiological impulse occupies the highest point of the brain.

Hot period: 18-28 years old At this time, men gradually understand the truth, slowly accept the baptism of society, and know that sex is not the only thing, and there are feelings and careers in life. At this stage, they want to prove themselves and care more about possession than suitability.

Charming period: 29 to 38 years old Men in this age group have become stable, well-behaved, and good at controlling their emotions. Because for him, women are no longer mysterious. At this time, they will release their charm to make women feel it, and it will also arouse waves in women’s hearts.

Maturity period: 39 to 55 years old At this time, their sexual desire begins to weaken, but sometimes they also have sexual fantasies. He longs for a warm family, but once he meets a woman who admires him, he will easily do deviant things, but these relationships usually do not last long.

Nostalgic period: after 56 years old Entering this period, they have almost kept sex at a distance, and prefer to devote their interests to other aspects, such as playing chess and planting flowers, and of course, including the reminiscence of the past

male hypersexuality

Hypersexuality Frequent sexual arousal, abnormal urgency for sexual behavior, high frequency of sexual intercourse, the daily requirement for sexual activity, extended intercourse time, far beyond the acceptable level of normal people, and even strong sexual desire that makes the wife unbearable, while they themselves Still feeling dissatisfied.

What to do if you have a strong libido

  1. Avoid reading pornographic novels, magazines, or videos, and use your spare time to participate in group activities and develop hobbies.
  2. Correct the concept of sex, do not completely immerse your thoughts in the pleasure brought by sex life, and avoid frequent sex life, which will affect your health.
  3. In normal times, you should have regular living habits, avoid staying up late for a long time, and you should also pay attention to avoid masturbation.
  4. Usually strengthen physical exercise, go outdoors appropriately, and breathe fresh air.

male sexual fear

Symptoms — Henpecks worry about the size of their genitals, they don’t know when they need more caress and stimulation, they don’t get enough erections, they fake orgasms, they ruin their pleasure after ejaculation, they don’t last long enough, etc.

How to do — Active self-regulation after finding the cause of sexual fear; see a psychiatrist in time, or take drug treatment, because sometimes the sexual phobia is severe, and men will refuse sex life, and may even cause themselves to be unable to function normally after marriage Satisfying the needs of the other half results in cracks and crises in the marriage.


Performance — Disinterest in all sexual expressions and behaviors; lack of sexual fantasies; lack of requests for initiative; almost no sexual drive.

How to do — The cause of loss of libido is often not single, so a comprehensive analysis is required, and individualized and comprehensive treatment measures should be taken. Currently, treatment for the disease includes psychological intervention therapy and drug therapy.

Disharmony in sex life

Performance — Unable to devote wholeheartedly to sex life; not many times of sex life, lack of zero physical contact; quality of sex life is not high, the end time is very early, and one party is often unsatisfied.

How to do — Learn more about the quality of sexual life that the other party wants to achieve, or do more foreplay before intercourse, touch the more sensitive parts of the other party, and use sound or video to stimulate and increase sexual desire.


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