The strongest water Pokémon are not ranked in order of strength

1. Kyogre

Kyogre is said to be the incarnation of the ocean, with the power to control water, and in mythology, it is called the Pokémon that expands the ocean by flooding the land with torrential rain and turbulent waves. It has the power to generate rain clouds large enough to cover the entire sky and cause downpours, saving people from the dry sun. Legend has it that in order to seek the energy of nature, it had been fighting with Groudon, and finally Rayquaza mediated the battle between them. It fell into a deep sleep after the desperate battle with Gulardo and has been sleeping at the bottom of the trench.

2. Lugia

Lugia sleeps at the bottom of a deep trench and has the destructive power to blow away houses with just a slight wave of its wings. It is said that because of its excessive ability, it can only spend time quietly at the bottom of the deep sea. It has the amazing power to suppress the turbulent sea. It is a Pokémon that is said to be the god of the sea. It is said that it will appear when there is a storm. It is said that if Rogia flaps its wings, it will cause a storm that lasts for 40 days.

3. Blastoise

Blastoise to resist the reaction force produced by the jet of water, the water arrow turtle had to increase its weight. He can stand firmly on the ground and can make the opponent faint after pressing down on it. He is a powerful guy who can rush towards the opponent with the momentum of a rocket. When it encounters danger, it will hide in the shell. There are jet ports on the carapace. Once it locks on the target, it will spray water from the jet port on the back with a force beyond the fire hose. The jets on the carapace can be precisely aimed at the target, and the water bombs fired can hit an empty tank 50 meters away. At the same time, the water flow released from the cannon on the carapace is so powerful that it can penetrate the thick iron plate with a single blow. As long as it uses the reaction force of the jet of water, it is not difficult for it to fly into the sky.

4. Swampert

Swampert can sense the subtle changes in the sound of waves and sea wind with its fins, and then predict storms. It likes to build its nest on the beautiful beach. When it predicts that a storm or tsunami is coming, it will pile up rocks to protect the nest by the sea. It has excellent eyesight, can see clearly in murky water, and swims at a speed comparable to jet surfing. It has the power to drag large ships and can easily drag more than 1 ton of rocks. Its wrists are as hard as rocks, and it can knock down opponents with a single swing of its thick arms, smashing huge rocks to pieces. They throw mud on their bodies on land to keep their skin moist.

5. Greninja

Greninja come and go like ninjas. It plays with its opponents with quick movements and then splits them open with its shuriken. The shuriken produced by the compressed water spins at high speed and flies out, capable of splitting even metal in half.

6. Kingdra

Kingdra inhabits the deep sea where no creatures live and usually seems to hide in caves under the sea. It is said that it will sleep at the bottom of the deep sea where no creature can dive to accumulate power, and it can cause a huge tidal vortex as long as it moves its body. It is said that when a typhoon comes, it will wake up and wander around looking for prey. When it rises to the surface, it creates waves that are huge enough to swallow ships. If you encounter a fast dragon, a fierce battle will begin. For a long time, it was believed that the yawn of the Thorn King could trigger rough sea currents.

7. Primarina

Primarina has a sea blue long curly hair, which is tied into three sections by pearl hair bands. She wears a pink starfish hair accessory on her temples. It has blue eyes, long and thick white eyelashes; a slender, slender white body, and wide and powerful palms. It is wearing a light blue wavy shawl, with a skirt-like wave decoration at the crotch, and a circle of thorns at the crotch. Next is a strong, flexible dark blue tail. The tip of the tail is forked and has a white part, which is also surrounded by a ring of wavy decorations.

8. Suicune

Suicune is a Pokémon with a spring-like gentleness in his body, and he looks for places where clear water flows. It will run around on the ground with gliding movements and has the power to purify dirty and muddy water instantly. It is said that when it appears, it will inexplicably blow the north wind, and it will run away with the north wind. It is the incarnation of the north wind.

9. Milotic

Milotic lives at the bottom of a large clear lake. It is said that when people start to fight, they will appear from the bottom of the lake, heal people’s restless hearts and calm the fight. Its beautiful scales are a rainbow of colors that change color depending on the angle you view it from. When its body emits a bright pink glow, it emits waves that can soothe an irritable heart. It is said that after seeing the graceful figure of Menus, all the resentment in the heart can be soothed, and the emotions of fighting are completely forgotten. It is said that it is the most beautiful Pokémon, and it seems very subtle to the trainers who bred it because they love ugly fish. It has also been used as an object for painting and sculpture and has been an inspiration to many artists.

10. Gyarados

Gyarados has a very violent personality and likes to destroy. It is said that when the Magikarp evolved into the Gyarados, the structure of the brain cells will be reorganized, so the personality will become violent. Although it rarely shows up, when it gets mad, it can sometimes destroy even a large city, and even a violent storm can burn everything to nothing. Its anger will not subside unless everything in the mountains is burned up, and it has a record of going mad for a month. It is said that a certain town where the Gyarados wrath burned was burned overnight, and then disappeared without a trace. It is considered to be the real body of the dragon recorded in ancient books, and there are records in the literature that it breathed out scorching rays and burned the entire village where the dispute occurred. The destructive light it emits from its mouth can burn everything. It is said that during the past wars, the Gyarados appeared and turned all the places into a sea of flames. Some areas also call it the God of Destruction. The place where the Gyarados appear will definitely be destroyed, and there are some people who believe this statement.


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