The strongest Fire-type Pokémon are not ranked by strength

1. Charizard

Charizard can flap its wings and fly high in the sky, flying around in the air to find powerful opponents, and can use its wings to fly to a height of 1,400 meters above the ground. It can spew out searing flames that seem to melt everything, to torment the enemy. The flames seem to scorch even rocks, sometimes causing forest fires. The red flame at the tip of its tail burns even more violently when it spews scorching flames from its mouth. It is said that the more bitter Charizard has experienced, the more accumulated battle experience will make the flame hotter and the temperature of the flame will become higher. For opponents weaker than it, it will not spit out the high-temperature flame that can melt everything. If the Charizard gets really angry, the tip of its tail will burn with blue and white flames.

2. Moltres

Moltres is a legendary bird Pokémon that controls fire, and it has been famous for Moltres legend since a long time ago. It is said that after the body is injured, it will enter the lava in the crater and burn the whole body to heal the wound. It towers over everything it sees with its orange flaming wings, and when it flaps its wings sparks sparkle. As long as you flap its wings, Moltre’s feathers will burn brightly, and the flashing red flame has a beauty that will stir the hearts of everyone who has seen it. When it flaps its fiercely burning wings, even the night sky will be lit up. According to legend, it will illuminate the mountain road with its beautiful burning wings and rescue those in distress. It is said that the snow country where Moltres has appeared can enter spring first, and it is said to be a legendary bird Pokémon that flew from the southern country with Kasuga.

3. Entei

Entei is a Pokémon with lava-like enthusiasm in his body, and it is believed to be born from the eruption of a volcano. It blows out a flame hotter than the lava of a volcano and consumes everything. It ran back and forth on the ground because it couldn’t completely suppress the power of swelling. It is said that if Entei roared, a volcano somewhere in the world would erupt.

4. Blaziken

Blaziken is good at boxing and kicking fighting moves. When fighting, it will spray scorching flames from its wrists and bravely face its opponents. The stronger the opponent, the hotter the flame will burn. The punches that envelop the fists with the flames sprayed from the wrists can burn the opponent into charcoal. He also has a strong waist and legs, and can easily jump over a 30-story building.

5. Infernape

Infernape has a gorgeous appearance and a majestic figure. The appearance of its body dancing with flames in battle is a feast for the eyes and breathtaking. Its personality is as fierce as a flame burning on its head, and it is unrivaled in speed, and it will play with its opponents with its speed. Its hands and feet are wrapped in flames, and it can use its unique fighting style using both hands and feet, no matter what kind of opponent it is.

6. Typhlosion

When the heat wave around the Typhlosion began to shake, it is the signal that the battle preparation is complete. It creates heat waves around it with scorching flames to hide itself. It rubs its flaming fur and attacks with blasts of fire that burn everything clean. When a Typhlosion is at its peak of rage, it is so hot that it instantly ignites everything it touches.

7. Volcarona

When the ground is blackened by volcanic ash, Volcarona takes over the role of the sun. When it fights, it flies around while scattering spark scales from its 6 wings, turning its surroundings into a sea of flames. The ancient people fearfully called it the wrath of the sun. The most dangerous thing is not the high temperature, but the depletion of the surrounding oxygen. Repulsed in hot lands for its flaming body, it is worshiped in colder lands as the incarnation of the sun and is depicted as the god of fire in ancient murals. Legend has it that it was born from a cocoon of burning flames, and it will appear in the severe winter to rescue people and Pokémon suffering from the cold.

8. Reshiram

Reshiram is a legendary Pokémon that burns the world with flames in mythology, and it helps people who build the real world. In mythic narratives, if humans despised reality and indulged their desires, it would burn their kingdoms with flames. If the tail of Reshiram burns, it will generate heat to move the atmosphere and change the world’s weather. It can shoot flames from its tail and fly like a jet. It can be absorbed by Kyurem and become Flame White Kyurem.

9. Groudon

Groudon is said to be the incarnation of the earth and has long been described in mythology as a Pokémon that created land and expanded the continent. It has the power to make rain clouds disappear, expand the land with strong light and high temperatures to evaporate water, and once appeared as a savior to people suffering from floods. Legend has it that in order to seek the energy of nature, it had been fighting with Kyogre continuously, and finally it was Rayquaza who mediated the battle between them. After the desperate battle with Kyogre, he has been sleeping in the lava underground, and it is said that the volcano will erupt once he wakes up.

10. Arcanine

Arcanine is a majestic Pokémon in ancient oriental legends. There is a legend that it once fought side by side with a certain general and governed the country a long time ago. Although there are many legends left, it is called a legendary Pokémon, but it is discovered unexpectedly many times. Its majestic cry is full of majesty, and no matter who hears it, it will involuntarily fall to its knees. Its magnificent mane has fascinated countless people, and countless people have been fascinated by its light and running figure. It has been a beautiful Pokémon that has captured the hearts of many people since ancient times. It can use the raging flames in its body as energy to run across the earth, running as lightly as flying. It is said to be a fast Pokémon that can run up to 10,000 kilometers day and night. According to past picture scroll records, its galloping posture on the grassland has captured the hearts of many people.


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