The strongest ice-type Pokémon are not ranked by strength

1. Articuno

Articuno is a legendary bird Pokémon that can freely control ice. It is said that it inhabits the snow-capped mountains of permafrost, and flies over the vast snow-capped mountains with its long tail fluttering. It can freeze the moisture contained in the winter air, and fly in the air while falling snowflakes and creating blizzards. Because the air can be cooled by flapping its wings, it is said that when the Articuno flies over it, it will snow. It will appear in front of your eyes when you are about to freeze to death in the snow-capped mountains.

2. Kyurem

Kyurem is waiting for the hero who fills his lost body with reality and ideals. It is the Pokémon of Ice Legend. It has the power to create extremely low-temperature cold air and can create powerful freezing energy in the body. Although it possesses power superior to Reshiram and Zekrom, in order to stabilize the cell tissue, that power has been sealed by extremely low-temperature air.

3. Lapras

Lapras is a Pokémon with a bright mind and a kind heart. It is very cold-resistant and is not afraid of the ice sea. It has a high IQ can understand human language, likes to ride people on the sea, and seems to sing with a beautiful voice when it is in a good mood. In the Alola region, this is an important mode of water transportation. It is said that it will look for a few partners at dusk and sing with a mournful voice. Because it hardly participates in battles, it is caught in large numbers, and its number has plummeted and is on the verge of extinction. But I heard that the key protection has actually caused it to become a bit flooded. It is said that in the sea area where there are too many Lapras, the number of fish Pokémon has decreased.

4. Aurorus

Aurorus was recovered from fossils. According to reports, Aurorus was found in the iceberg and still maintained its appearance at that time. It is usually a very stable and gentle Pokémon, but when it is provoked, it will release a cold air of minus 150 degrees from the diamond-shaped crystals on its body to envelop and freeze the enemy. It will use the diamond-shaped crystals on its body to instantly form an ice wall to resist enemy attacks. It is said that when Aurorus roars, the aurora will appear in the night sky.

5. Regice

Regice’s whole body is made of Antarctic ice. According to the results of the researcher’s investigation, it seems that the ice has been formed during the Ice Age. It is said that it was born under the thick ice that was frozen in the Ice Age and slept in the glaciers for thousands of years. Its body is wrapped in minus 200 degrees of cold air, and it cannot melt even in lava, and it will be frozen even if it is only close. It will control the air-conditioning that is as cold as minus 200 degrees, and freeze the guy who is close to it at once.

6. Froslass

Froslass is a Pokémon that is possessed by the soul of a woman who disappeared into the snow mountain with complaints and hatred. In places where it often snows, there is also a saying that it is the reincarnation of a woman who died in the snow mountain. It is said that it will go down the mountain at night when there is a severe snowstorm, heading for the human village, so even if you hear a knock on the door, you must not open the door. It is said that it will breathe out the breath of minus 50 degrees to freeze the prey, and then take them to a secret place and arrange them neatly in a row for decoration. It will also freeze the mountaineering men who come to climb the snow mountain and the humans or Pokémon it likes into ice cubes and bring them back to its lair, and it will only focus on beautiful men. It likes souls frozen into ice most, and it likes to eat male souls. Horrifying tales of spells cast to kill disorderly men.

7. Abomasnow

Abomasnow is also called the Ice Monster, and it is Snowman’s real body. It doesn’t like contact with the outside world and lives quietly in the snow-covered mountains for thousands of years, usually only having fun with Bai Xue. When the snowflakes bloom, they will appear from somewhere, and when the snowflakes wither, they will go to a certain place again and hide their figure. It is a strong man who can easily split even boulders, and as long as it shakes its huge body, it will cause a blizzard and turn the surroundings into white snow. It will swing its big arms down like a hammer to drive away the group of flaming tumblers that are about to attack the snow hat monster.

8. Mamoswine

Mamoswine flourished during the period known as the Ice Age, after which their numbers declined as the climate warmed. It can also be seen on murals from 10,000 years ago, and it was believed to be extinct for a period of time. It is a Pokémon that has existed since the distant past, and it has even been found in ice 10,000 years ago. A frozen ivory pig found in 10,000-year-old dirt caused quite a commotion when it suddenly came to life. It’s as powerful as it looks. The colder the weather, the thicker, longer, and stronger its ice teeth will grow. The severe cold weather is suitable for its physique, and it will awaken the power in its sleeping body. Sometimes Marua can easily take down such a strong opponent as Mamoswine through teamwork.

9. Glalie

It is said that Glalie Guard is born from the pity of the mountaineer who was about to climb the snow-capped mountain but was killed. It was born by attaching to the rock, and the less hard rock is its body. It possesses the power to control ice freely, it can freeze the moisture in the air, and it can protect its body by covering its body with ice armor that is harder than steel, even the flames cannot melt it. Because it has the power to instantly freeze the moisture in the air, diamond-like dust will be generated around the Ice Ghost. It can spray cold air from its big mouth, and freeze the prey hard with the power to freeze the moisture in the air instantly. It will swallow its prey into its stomach like ice, and enjoy the food like this, but it likes to eat Pokémon that are already frozen, such as mini ice.

10. Ninetales

Ninetales lives on the snow-capped mountain in the Alola region, which is regarded as a sacred mountain, and will appear accompanied by blizzards. Before it was known to be the regional form of Ninetales, it was always revered as the incarnation of God. It is said that there will be gods visiting the mountain where it lives, so it was forbidden to go up the mountain in the past. It has the ability to control the formation of ice particles from the hair of its whole body. It can use the ice particles to resist attacks, and it can also gather ice particles to make ice balls, which are fired like bullets. Its power can even destroy rocks. If you annoy it, it will be frozen in an instant. It has an extremely gentle personality. It is said that when kind-hearted people get lost in the mountains, it will show up to guide the lost people down the mountain, but it will never lightly forgive those who do not obey the rules and destroy the snow-capped environment. The reason why it brings people lost in the snow mountain to the foot of the mountain is because it wants to drive them away quickly.


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