10. Xerneas

Xerneas is a deer-like blue and black Pokémon with eight branch-like horns protruding from its head, each with two branches at the end. Each of its beige horns is intertwined with protuberances in four colors orange, red, purple, and aqua blue. The colors on the left and right are opposite, and the color gradually changes from bright at the bottom to dark at the end. The skin on its head is dark blue, two horns grow on either side of its cheeks, and the roots of the horns extend under its eyes and over its nose. Its eyes are the same color as its fur.

Xerneas is one of the legendary aura Pokémon. Xerneas has the ability to give life, and they can emit a fairy aura that enhances the fairy attribute.

9. Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza‘s green skin shimmers like an emerald. A pattern similar to “Δ” was added to its forehead, the gum tissue turned golden, the lower pair of corners extended to the front of the mouth in an arched shape, and the upper corners, lower corners, and the tail end had long golden objects similar to silk ribbons, The tentacles connected to the lower corner have a pattern similar to “∞”, and the position of the original circular pattern is inlaid with luminous golden gemstones.

Rayquaza super evolves into Mega Rayquaza, the characteristic of Rayquaza will change to “Delta Airflow”, and the weather at this time will turn into turbulent flow, which will make the weakness of flying attributes disappear. Turbulence cannot be changed to other weathers unless Mega Rayquaza leaves the battlefield, loses the “Delta Flow” trait, or is replaced by Primal Kyogre’s “Sea of Origin” trait or Primal Groudon’s “Land of End” feature coverage.

8. Mega Mewtwo

Mewtwo was born by recombining Mew genetics.

The image of Mewtwo is similar to that of a humanoid or feline animal. It is silver-white in color, with purple eyes, tail, and abdomen. The external nerve bundle extending from the center of the back extends to the back of the neck. The fingers are composed of three spherical bodies.

The Mega-evolved Mewtwo X has added elements such as “hood” and “rugby equipment”. And Mewtwo Y‘s body has become smaller and more like a “baby”, and protrusions similar to “earphones” have been formed on the gigantic head.

7. Arceus

Arceus is a white Pokémon that looks like a horse, unicorn, or centaur. The underside of its torso, mane, tail, and face are outlined by gray vertical stripes. Its four pointed feet are pointed at golden hooves. The mane rises high from the head, and the face is gray, with green eyes and red pupils, and green circles around the eyes. It has a gold stripe on its head and its ears prick up. It has two protrusions on either side of its neck, and gill-like features on the underside of its neck that are the same color as most of its body. It has a cross-shaped wheel called the wrist of the universe, which is connected to the body at its abdomen, and its eyes and hooves change color at the same time according to the different attributes caused by the different stone plates held by Arceus. Its wheel is embedded with four jewels. The line of its belly is reproduced at the waist. The underside of the limbs is gray and protrudes slightly at the top of the four legs, and the tail is similar in shape and coloring to the mane.

Arceus can use slate or Z pure crystal to change into any attribute. It has 18 different forms. It does not carry props or carry other props. After using the clear slate, it is a general attribute. It will change when carrying a slate or attribute Z pure crystal. It is the form corresponding to the attributes of the props. Only the appearance color of each form will be different according to its attributes. Also, after using the Legendary Tablet on Arceus, it looks the same as without the item.

6. Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon, Earth Pokémon. After the original regression, the original regression is carried out through the energy of nature, and the original appearance is restored. Its power can generate lava to expand the land.

After the original return, this is the real power of Groudon. It will convert the energy permeating the whole body into magma and expel it from the body. It is said that it can create the earth every step it takes.

In addition, it can also use the high temperature emitted by its magma-like body to control weather changes! It can be said to be the overlord of the earth. The original return is really full of mystery.

5. Primal Kyogre

Primal Kyogre, an underwater Pokémon. After the original regression, the original regression is carried out through the energy of nature, and the original appearance is restored. Its power can move the wind and rain to expand the ocean.

Kyogre has the power to generate rain clouds large enough to cover the entire sky and cause downpours. This Pokémon once saved people from the dry sun.

In addition, after changing back to this form, it will turn the energy permeating the whole body into seawater and expel it from the body. It is said that as long as it swims around, the area of the sea can be greatly expanded. In addition, it can use this feature to control the weather and bring down violent rainstorms. The Primal Kyogre, which has survived from super ancient times, is like the king of the deep sea who is in charge of all oceans.

4. Giratina

Giratina is able to travel and control dimensions other than time and space. When in its original form, Giratina can travel through these dimensions at will, but due to the change of gravity, Giratina will change into an alternative form. When Giratina shuttles, it needs to release a whirlwind from its mouth to create the entrance needed for the shuttle. Giratina is also associated with things that reflect light, such as mirrors and pools. Giratina is an aggressive and territorial Pokémon. Legend has it that Giratina will appear in the ancient cemetery, was expelled for being too violent, and lived on the opposite side of the real world. Giratina is the only known Pokémon that can learn the skill Shadow Dive.

Because of the special ability possessed by Giratina, it can freely enter and exit the destroyed world. It can quickly sense and track its own targets. There is a one-sided description in Pokémon: Giratina and the Bouquet of Ice Sky, Shemi: Giratina inhabits a destroyed world.

3. Deoxys

Deoxys is a bipedal Pokémon that looks like an alien and has four forms, each focusing on different abilities. The four forms have common features, the body is mainly orange-red, the face is blue-green, and there are three blue-green spots on the back. There is a purple streak running through the face, and crystallized windpipes in the chest cavity. It has white round eyes in rectangular black eye sockets. It is also possible that Deoxys crystallized organs and facial patterns were purple.

Deoxys was mutated from a cosmic virus. Very intelligent, the brain exists in the crystal in the chest cavity, this organ can also emit laser light. Deoxys is able to use Psychic Power, which is helpful for his signature skill, Mental Boost. Body parts lost to Deoxys in battle can be regenerated. Deoxys was able to emit aurora, which had different wavelengths, through which Deoxys could communicate with each other. Deoxys was able to create clones of himself that had lifeless eyes and darker colors, also lacked the signature chest crystal, couldn’t change the form, had tentacles that couldn’t transform into hands, and would into dust-like particles.

2. Kyurem

Kyurem is a gray-blue Pokémon that stands on two legs. It has a unique ice-blue spiny nose, pale green eyes with no pupils inside, and a yellow crown on its head. Kyurem‘s face and jaw are also ice blue, resembling a broken ice pick, stretching upwards to form two ice horns. Kyurem has a long gray neck and gray body, with two fingers on each arm, very small, connected to two ice cube wings. Its wings end in flush sections and each has two icicles. Kyurem has slender legs, and the end of the tail does not have any energy-generating structures, only three ice spikes. Kyurem‘s body is asymmetrical, with the left horn, left-wing, and left lower jaw all slightly longer than the right.

Kyurem is waiting for the hero who fills his lost body with reality and ideals. It is the Pokémon of Ice Legend. It has the power to create extremely low-temperature cold air and can create powerful freezing energy in the body. Although it possesses power superior to Reshiram and Zekrom, in order to stabilize the cell tissue, that power has been sealed by extremely low-temperature air. Kyurem absorbs Reshiram who has the same gene as himself and becomes Flame White Kyurem, who can use the energy of fire and ice. It has been seen that the real world between Pokémon and humans will come, and tries to protect such a future. Kyurem absorbs Zekrom, who has the same gene as himself and becomes Dark Kyurem, who can use the energy of electricity and ice. Legend has it that it fights to protect the ideal world between Pokémon and humans that will be realized in the future.

1. Reshiram

Legendary Pokémon, the whole body is white. When the power explodes, the tail will turn red, and flames will burst out from time to time. When the power is concentrated, it can even use a move that can burn the world.

Facts that represent truth will do their best to help those who build the real world.

When the power explodes, using interlaced flames or green flames, the inner side of Reshiram‘s tail will emit hot fire light like an engine, and flames will burst out from time to time. This state is called overclocking drive mode.

The flame energy generated in this state is very large, and when it concentrates its power, it can even perform moves that can change the climate and burn the world to the ground.

Reshiram is a Pokémon who believes in truth and leads the world to be filled with goodness. It is willing to help those who have the courage to pursue the truth, but if they despise the truth and indulge their desires, Reshiram will mercilessly spit out flames and burn everything. In mythology, Reshiram and Zekrom once destroyed the Hezhong area established by the twin heroes.


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