The strongest electric-type Pokémon are not ranked by strength

1. Pikachu

Pikachu is a Pokémon that lives in the forest and lives with its companions in the forest. By sticking their tails together to exchange electricity, they are actually greeting each other. Sometimes it applies electric current and electric shocks to weak companions and distributes its own energy to the companions. It has a smart temperament, and it will use electricity to shock the things it sees for the first time and use electric shocks to roast hard fruits before eating them. If any charred berries fall, it’s proof that it’s got the shock level wrong. Pikachu will store electricity in the electric sacs on his cheeks, which will be discharged when in danger, and will be released in one go when he gets angry. When it crackles electricity from electric sacs on its cheeks, it signals that it is alerting its opponents. It will raise its tail to detect the surrounding situation and to feel whether the surrounding is safe. At this time, lightning will occasionally fall on its tail. If you pull its tail casually, you will be bitten. The power in the cheek pouches seems to have been stored while it was asleep at night. If you don’t have enough sleep, you can only emit weak electricity, and sometimes you will emit light when you are sleepy. As long as it is discharged in one go, it can release enough electricity to attract lightning

2. Dragonite

Dragonite can circle the earth once in about 16 hours, and it seems that its intelligence can match that of human beings. Somewhere in the vast sea, there seems to be an island that only lives with Dragonite. The isolated island to which the rescued man was taken was the paradise that once belonged to Dragonite. It is a kind-hearted Pokémon, and it is often heard that it rescued people or Pokémon who were drowning in the sea. It is said that it will always fly around the vast sea to rescue people who are drowning in the sea. With its great physique, it can fly over even the stormy sea without any disturbance. If a ship was found wrecked in a storm, it was directed to land. The captain who witnessed it called it the incarnation of the sea, and many ships will have the statue of the Dragonite n on the bow. Dragonite is usually very stable, but if it touches its reverse scale, it will not stop until it destroys everything. If the thorn Kingdra meets the Dragonite, the two will start a fierce battle.

3. Ampharos

The front end of the Ampharos tail emits a strong light, which can be transmitted to the universe, so it is clear where it is, so it usually does not let the tail shine. When the sky gets dark, its tail will shine brightly. The dazzling light can be transmitted to distant foreign countries, and it can be found even from a distant sea, becoming a beacon light at sea. From time immemorial it has been prized by the crew as a guidepost. The light on its tail can travel far and become a guidepost for the lost, so it has been valued as a bonfire from a long time ago. In the past, people would use the lights of electric dragons to send signals to distant partners.

4. Zapdos

Zapdos is a legendary bird Pokémon that can manipulate lightning at will. Its lair is said to be in a dark thundercloud, and it can be seen when the thundercloud splits in two. When it flies, it makes a crackling sound, flaps its wings to rain thunder, and flaps its dazzling wings to produce intense lightning. It is said that as long as it rubs its wings, huge lightning will immediately rain down from the clouds. When the sky is dark and thunder is falling, this legendary Pokémon will appear. If struck by lightning, power will flow from its body.

5. Electivire

Electivire shock monster evolved with the help of strange props. Its power generation is proportional to the heart rate. When the heart rate increases, the power generation will increase. Power generation is the highest level among Electric Pokémon. When it is fully charged, blue-white sparks erupt violently between its two horns. As long as one electric shock monster can provide all the electricity needed by the buildings of a big city for one year. When Electivire is excited, it will beat its chest and cry. At that time, electric sparks will fly, and thunder will echo around. When it comes to fighting, the voltage will rise rapidly. After grasping its sparking tail and making an electrified fist, it will punch with all its might. It completely disregards the opponent’s attack and approaches the opponent. It will hold the opponent with the tips of its two tails and release more than 20,000 volts of electricity to attack, and the enemy will instantly turn into black charcoal.

6. Regieleki

It is said that the power of the electric-type moves used by Regieleki is second to none among all electric-type Pokémon. Scientists learned after an investigation that Regieleki’s body was equipped with a special device that prevented the passage of electric current. There is a saying that the power of Regieleki has caused disasters for people in ancient times. In order to limit its ability, ancient people installed this kind of equipment on it. It is said that the hidden power will be released when the ring on the body is untied.

7. Raikou

Raikou is said to be a ferocious Pokémon that descends with lightning. Because it has rain clouds on its back, it can release thunder and lightning at any time. It has lightning-like speed in its body, and it will run around on the ground while releasing the surging power in its body in the form of lightning strikes. It sends out a long howl like thunder, which will shake the air and shake the earth just like when thunder falls to the ground.

8. Thundurus

Thundurus flew around the sky in the Hezhong area, while thundering everywhere caused wildfires, so they were disgusted by people. Where it passes, it will leave countless traces of electric light scorching. It attacks with a radio of spikes on its tail. Thundurus, in its avatar form, is a Pokémon that can cause storms. Legend has it that because it stirs the atmosphere, the seasons repeat themselves. Thundurus in the form of a spirit beast appeared in the lightning bolt. It will drop lightning strikes from the string of beads at the tail to sweep away the opponents, and the astonishing power is enough to make the opponents stay away.

9. Luxray

Luxray are methodical Pokémon that form groups with a single male as the leader. It has a pair of eyes that can see through any object, which is very helpful for detecting dangerous things. It possesses the power to see beyond walls, which can be used not only to hunt down fleeing prey but also to find lost children. When its pupils glow golden, it can spot and capture prey hiding on the other side of the wall. According to legend, when its eyes shine with golden light, it can see through everything in the world. Since see-through consumes a lot of power, it sleeps for a long time to accumulate energy.

10. Jolteon

Jolteon lungs have organs that generate electricity and sometimes spit out high-voltage electricity of about 10,000 volts. It can inhale negative ions in the air, and a large amount of negative ions are also produced in the gaps between the body hairs, so it often makes a crackling sound. It will use the static electricity between the body hairs to enhance the micro-currents emitted by the cells, and when they gather together, they can produce lightning and release powerful electric shocks. It will yell or get angry when it is slightly stimulated, and it will store electricity every time its mood changes. When the electricity is accumulated in the body, as long as the emotion is aroused, the erect hairs all over the body will start to become sharp and will be launched one by one like a missile. When it is angry or startled, its body hair will stand up like a needle to pierce the opponent. It can also shoot out the bristling hair like a needle, and deal with the enemy with a 10,000-volt electric shock when it is weak. If its body hair stands up, it is a signal to emit electricity, because there may be thunder falling next to it, so pay attention. Being quite neurotic, it is very difficult to become intimate with it.


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