The strongest grass-type Pokémon are not ranked by strength

1. Leafeon

Compared with animals, Leafeon’s cell structure is closer to plants, and he lives quietly in the depths of the forest with clear rivers. It photosynthesizes like a plant and can get energy even without eating. Sleeping Leafeon will photosynthesize on sunny days, creating fresh, clean air. The younger the Yeeb, the stronger the scent of green grass. When it gets old, it smells like fallen leaves. The Galar people have a soft spot for the unique aroma of its leaves, and the perfumes made from this aroma are very popular. It is not aggressive by itself, but if it is to protect its partners, it will sharpen the blades on its tail and turn it into a blade to fight. The hardtail is like a sharp blade, incomparably sharper than a famous knife, even a big tree can be cut in two.

2. Venusaur

Venusaur will use the sun’s energy as a nutrient to bloom huge flowers. The captivating scent of the flowers can soothe the agitated, heal, and even fight. It always moves towards a sunny place, and the large flowers on its back can absorb sunlight and convert it into energy. When it spreads its large petals and basks in the sun, the body of Venusaur will become full of vitality. If kept in the sun, its petals release a pleasant fragrance. It is said that sufficient nutrition and sunlight will make the color of the flowers more vivid. After receiving the baptism of the sun, the energy is replenished, and the summer buds will become strong. The next day after the rain, the fragrance of the flowers on its back will become more intense. Pokémon will be attracted by the scent and gather together.

3. Celebi

Celebi has the power to travel through time and will travel around through time, and it is said that it will only appear in peaceful times. It heals wounds and distributes its strength to vegetation. It is said that in the forest where Celebi appeared, the vegetation will grow very luxuriantly, and the eggs left in the depths of the forest after Celebi disappeared are said to be things brought from the future. It is regarded as the god of the forest, and Celebi will appear in the beautiful forest. It is generally believed that as long as the rabbi appears, there will be a bright future waiting for us.

4. Decidueye

Decidueye fires the feathered arrows hidden in the wings like a bow and arrow. The time from drawing the arrow to firing is only about 0.1 seconds. When you absolutely don’t want to miss the shot, you will tighten the vines on your head and concentrate. With the accuracy that it can penetrate even small stones 100 meters in front, you can hit the target accurately even 1 kilometer away. At the same time, Decidueye is also good at shooting with acrobatic curves. Decidueye can completely eliminate its own breath, and attack when the opponent can’t see him. It flies high into the air and descends in a rapid spin, shooting through multiple targets in succession. Although Decidueye usually behaves calmly and calmly, it is not good at dealing with emergencies, and it will panic when it is attacked suddenly.

5. Meganium

Meganium from geranium petals contains ingredients that can calm fighting emotions. When fighting, it emits a scent to weaken the opponent’s fighting spirit. Its exhaled breath contains the magical power to revive withered flowers and plants, and being around geraniums is as refreshing as having bathed in a forest bath.

6. Sceptile

Sceptile is a Pokémon that carefully cultivates the trees in the forest, and basks in the sun to regulate its body temperature. It is invincible in the rainforest, can run briskly in the jungle, and jump from branch to branch with agility. It will swoop over the head or back of the enemy. And tackles prey with the sharp leaves growing from its arms. The leaves growing on the arms are so sharp that even big trees can be chopped down with a single blow.

7. Virizion

The horns on Virizion’s head are sharp blades, and it will play with the enemy in the palm of its hand like a whirlwind with agility, and cut the opponent mercilessly with the sharp horns. Along with Gopalion and Terakion, it taught Keldeo how to fight. Legend has it that it, together with Gopalion and Terakion, fought against humans to protect the Pokémon in the Heshu area, which lost its homeland due to human wars.

8. Kartana

Kartana is an Ultra Beast that emerges from the Ultra Cave. It is a very dangerous alien in this world, but it seems to be an ordinary creature in the world where it originally inhabits. It is not intended to intimidate the enemy itself, but the sharp body is the murder weapon. The sharpness of a honed blade can be felt from its paper-thin body, and some people have witnessed it cutting off a huge iron tower with a single knife.

9. Tapu Bulu

Tapu Bulu has the power to manipulate vegetation and make it grow and is the patron saint of Ula’ula Island. It can use this power to manipulate vegetation to bind the enemy immobile, make the wooden horn it holds huge, or transform it to fight and stab the opponent with the horn at once. It will pull out huge trees and swing them back and forth with a bang, allowing the vegetation to flourish and absorb their energy. Tapu Bulu doesn’t like to do activities very much and behaves very calmly. It doesn’t like to engage in worthless battles or startle other Pokémon, and it makes loud noises when it moves to communicate its presence to the surroundings. Whether it is due to Tapu Bulu’s calm personality or just because he is lazy and does not want to move, different people have different opinions on this. Although Tapu Bulu doesn’t like to fight, it will never forgive the wicked and has the toughness to completely defeat those who regard it as an enemy. It is said that it swung a huge log at thieves who invaded the ruins as punishment.

10. Torterra

Torterra has a huge body shaped like a beautiful garden, and he is a strong man with infinite strength. They live in groups deep in the forest, and they will patrol the mountains and fields in search of clean water. The moving forest is actually a group of Torterra migrating in search of water. Sometimes tiny Pokémon gather to build a nest on the back of a motionless Torterra. There are some Pokémon that are born on the back of a Torterra and spend their entire lives on it. In the distant past, people once imagined that there existed a huge Torterra under the earth.


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