There are many impressive female characters in Naruto. This time, let’s take a look at the big-breasted female characters in Naruto.

1 . Tsunade Senju

The first recommendation is undoubtedly Tsunade Senju. When she first appeared, her big breasts should have left a deep and big impression on many people’s childhood…

2 . Terumi Mei

Big breasts are indispensable for the Fifth Mizukage. Among the shadow-level characters in the Fourth Ninja War, the Fifth Mizukage is also a very attractive person. In addition to his super strength, his big sister’s character, and big breasts Her figure has attracted a lot of fans.

3 . Hyuuga Hinata

Hinata wasn’t that obvious when she was a child, and compared to many female characters with sexual orientation, she wasn’t that eye-catching, but as she matured, she became more and more likable in terms of personality and figure. She is simply the avatar of a perfect wife. Really It’s the transformation of women…

4 . Samui

When the Raikage appeared, I guess she was the one everyone was looking forward to the most. Although many people were arguing about who had bigger breasts, between her and Tsunade, this kind of thing should not be mixed up and just appreciate it silently (laughs) )

5. Hotaru

Although she only appeared in a few episodes, the story of her and the Six-Tailed Jinchuuriki Yugao is touching every time I watch it.

6 . Mitarashi Anko

Among the jounin who appeared early, he was very beautiful, especially his bold character during the chuunin exam is memorable.

7 . Yuuhi Kurenai

This should be uncontroversial, and it is also a model of a mature big sister. The relationship between her and Asma made many people cry.

8 . Temari

Temari is also the kind of girl who is bold and generous. It is said that there are many girls with this kind of personality in Naruto. They have outgoing personalities. In short, they are very likable existences.

9 . Yamanaka Ino

The ninjutsu performed by Yamanaka Ino: the art of changing hearts, was originally used to make many people look radiant, such as when cheating in exams. . . Of course, Ino’s character is also very likable. She is a strong and independent girl.

10 . Tenten

The girl with Chinese elements in Naruto has a strong and resolute character, but she is also very cute, and her figure under the fan’s cheongsam is also very eye-catching.


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