Couples in love and newlyweds are always interested in sex, but over time, people may get bored with it. If both husband and wife treat sex life with a tired attitude for a long time, this will definitely affect the relationship between husband and wife. Therefore, if both husband and wife can find some ways to keep the freshness of sex, it is bound to enhance the relationship between the two parties. So, how to keep sex fresh? May wish to try the following methods.

1. couple bathing

Activities for couples can help bring them closer, enhance their relationship, and increase the fun of sex. The two have more time during the holidays. They can play small games together, share delicious food, take a bath together, wash each other’s bodies, appreciate and play with each other, and increase their sexual passion.

2. Occasionally appropriate shame can appear more passionate

If you already know each other well and have no secrets about sex, try a sudden style change. Think about how you accept him with a blushing, begging look, being so shy is sure to turn him on.

3. It feels better with the lights on

A study published in the journal “Archives of Sexual Behavior” found that not only do men pay attention to visual stimuli during sex, but women also receive visual stimuli. You can turn on the lights and open your eyes before and after sex, which helps both parties to observe each other’s reactions when communicating. Having sex in front of the mirror, or watching a passionate movie during sex, can help to enhance the passion of both parties.

4. Beneficial attempts and explorations of sexual skills

Most couples may only adopt one or two fixed-sex positions for a long time. Men are always on the active side, and it is easier to cause a lack of affection in the long run. Therefore, women can be in the upper position, the back position, or the side position. Let the wife try to be the active party, and both parties are more likely to be satisfied; It can also achieve the effect of saying goodbye to the new marriage.

5. Enhance the olfactory stimulation of the spouse

Both men and women are extremely sensitive to olfactory stimuli. Don’t let unpleasant smells ruin your “sex”. You can use this characteristic to properly spray a not-too-strong but very warm and attractive perfume, which can make your spouse fall in love with you. Dreaming around, this is bound to benefit the emotional exchange and close relationship between the two.

6. mentality adjustment

In daily life, husband and wife should maintain a cheerful personality, an open mind, and a certain sense of humor, instead of being depressed and closing themselves off. Communicate more with each other, enhance understanding and love, and thus create more joy in life.

7. full body intimate contact

Whether it’s a bird snuggling in the other’s arms, or boldly hugging, it’s a good way to tease, so that your spouse will have the desire to conquer and possess you, thereby increasing the other’s desire. Of course, physical contact should include all parts of the body, such as the head, neck, legs, feet, etc. You may find your spouse’s “sexual” sensitive points in an unexpected place and stimulate the other party’s greater “sexual” passion


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