If you are a fan of the “Monster Hunter” series, you must not miss “Monster Hunter Now”, a new mobile AR game.

Augmented reality for Niantic’s Monster Hunting series lets you roam around (in real life) in search of monsters to hunt and materials to craft new gear. As you upgrade your gear, you’ll be able to defeat more powerful monsters and then further upgrade your gear.

Below, we’ve listed some tips and tricks we wish we knew from the get-go to help get you up to speed.

1. weapon

It is recommended that novices choose to forge one weapon at the beginning, and not to forge more than 3 weapons, because the initial funds and resources are limited. If you forge more weapons, the damage will be too low due to material and financial problems that will affect the weapon’s level. In Monster Hunter now, as long as your damage is high enough, you can easily destroy the monster’s weaknesses and interrupt the monster’s attack, creating more output time.

2. Armor

Just upgrade the armor to the skill you want. In the early stage, upgrade the armor to level 4 and activate the skills. Defense is not of much use for the time being. In the later stage, as long as you are hit by a monster, you will die 80% of the time. In the early stage, you can use kulu mail to get through it. The skilled guts have more than 80% health. If you are killed by one hit, it can save you from death. If the skill you want is only available at level 6, you can consider looking for a skill with a lower level. of substitution.

3. Forging

In the early stage, the main weapon you choose should not use the same materials as your armor. Unless you use Fake GPS, normal players will spend a lot of time looking for monsters, and killing monsters may not necessarily drop them for you. For the materials you want, the only way to forge weapons in the early stage is to have no attributes, because in Chapter 1&2 there is little need to use attribute weapons, because attribute weapons must match the attribute weaknesses of monsters and the attribute enhancement of armor to exert their power and attribute weapons The attack of a weapon without attributes is not as high as that of a weapon without attributes. If you fight a monster with incompatible attributes, you will not get much damage. On the contrary, the attack of weapons without attributes is high and there is no problem of incompatible attributes. Then there is not enough materials and money.

4. Battle start problem

Our character’s position may sometimes be different at the beginning of the battle. If the position is far away at the beginning and you have to roll twice to get in front of the monster, I suggest you restart. Don’t waste your precious time and roll in front of the monster, unless you fight. It’s a paintball monster, so you can’t restart it, otherwise, it will be a waste.

5. Special mission

Daily tasks will give you 1,000 yuan in relief. There are 3 tasks in total, so remember to complete them every day. Refining parts for upgrading weapons and armor can only be obtained through daily tasks. The tasks will be reset at 12.00 every day. Remember to check every day. And finished.


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