Everyone must have heard the name Israel. It is the only free and democratic country in the Middle East. It has a very developed industry and rich natural resources of coal mines and oil. Israelis are very smart, and they can be seen in various fields such as winning the Nobel Prize or business. But there are plenty of Hollywood stars and Oscar winners who are also Israeli. This ranking is based on authoritative international rankings (top 100 most beautiful faces in the world, most fashionable faces in Asia, top 100 sexy beauties in the world, etc.), the popularity of works, and the number of awards, and comprehensively refer to related rankings on the Internet. Next, let’s take a look at who are the top ten beauties in Israel.

10. Ronit Elkabetz

Ronet Elkabez, born in 1966, is an Israeli actress. She became famous for starring in ” Hameyu’ad” in 1990 and has since embarked on the road of an actor. In 1994, she won the first “Sh’hur” for Best Actress from the Israel Film Institute for “The Curse”. Although she is an actress, she can also be seen in feminist activities, running around and shouting, showing her personal charm. Since 2000, she has been the chairman of the feminist movement organization.

9. Moran Atias

Moran Atias, born in 1981, is an Israeli actress and host. In 1998, Moran Atias was elected as the champion of Miss Israel and later went to Italy to develop, and now she has become the host of the Italian TV station CarloConti. The main film and television works include “The Third Mother”, “The Roses of the Desert” and so on. Her husband is Adrian Mutu, an international football player known as “The Viper”. When her husband was in a bad state and faced with the dissolution of the marriage, Moran Atias never left, always by his side to encourage him.

8. Odeya Rush

Odeya Rush, born in 1997, is an Israeli actress. With her large blue eyes and dark hair, she tends to make people think she’s an angel or a human. She is a famous face of the Israeli film industry and one of the most beautiful Israeli actresses. Representative works include “The Giver”, “Let It Snow” and so on.

7. Alona Tal 

Alona Tal, born in 1983, is an Israeli actress, singer, and producer. She served in the Israel Defense Forces, starred in some music videos and commercials, and began to develop an acting career after the age of 20. The main works include: “Veronica Mars”, “To Be a Star” and so on. On June 5, 2007, Alona Tal married Marcos A. Ferraez, who is also an actor.

6. Noa Tishby

Noah Tishby, born in 1977, is an Israeli actor and producer. She has been a well-known local star since she was very young, and now she has become one of the most talented actresses through her continuous learning, and she is an Israeli actress with great potential to enter Hollywood.

5. Ayelet July Zurer

Ayelet July Zurer, born in 1969, is an Israeli actress. The most well-known works are “Nina’s Tragedies” and “Munich”. She often plays cool, handsome, and sexy characters, so everyone calls her “cold beauty”. He once worked with Tom Cruise on “The Da Vinci Code”.

4. Meital Dohan

Meto Dohan, born in 1976, is an Israeli musician, singer, actor, and playwright. She is considered to be the most talented actor, and her innate temperament is incomparable. The play is very wide and can play various roles, from the cold zombie killer to the charming dominatrix. Currently the most successful Israeli actress in Hollywood.

3. Bar Refaeli

Bar Rafaeli, born in 1985, is a famous Victoria’s Secret supermodel and movie actor. Known as the sexiest woman in the world. At a young age, she was named “Best Body Model” by American Sports Magazine. He once had a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, and in the end, the two broke up peacefully, but they also became popular because of this relationship.

2. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman, born in 1981, is an Israeli actress. Everyone must know her because she participated in the heroine of “Léon: The Professional” when she was 13 years old. When filming the film, she completed her studies while studying. In 1999, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Global Awards, and in 2010 she won the Best Actress Award at the 83rd Academy Awards. She is also a highly educated female talent and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard University in 2003.

1. Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot, born in 1985, is an Israeli actor and model. Everyone should have guessed the above picture, she is the heroine of “Wonder Woman“. In 2004, she won the title of Miss Israel and represented Israel in the 2004 Miss Universe pageant. In 2008, Gal Gadot starred in the role of Gisele in “Fast and Furious 4” and entered the film circle. In April 2012, Gal Gadot was ranked fifth among the “50 Most Talented, Intelligent, Funniest and Most Elegant Jewish Women in the World” selected by the Jewish media website Shalom Life. The main works include “Wonder Woman”, “Fast and Furious”, “Justice League” and so on.


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